Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Winner's Choice!

Hi everyone,

I hope your holiday was fantastic no matter what your celebration of choice!

Recently, I ran a little drawing for a free pair of shoes of any style for anyone who was a follower of the blog.  The winner, Mary Crawford, chose a pair of fringe boots.  I had never made them in blue and I really am happy with them.  This style seems to work best in suede, for some reason.

In the upcoming year, the plan is to post on here more frequently.  Lets hope I can keep that promise! One thing I want to do is develop a new pattern per month.   It's good to have goals!

2018 is bound to be great!

Blue suede your heart out, Elvis!

Audrey is a bit sad that the boots are leaving soon...

Friday, December 15, 2017

And the WINNER is....

Mary Crawford!  Mary, please look at the styles of shoes and boots I make and decide what style you would like, plus the color, and email me.  (

Thanks to all who follow me!  Next year I plan to be a bit more active on the blog.  One thing I decided to do (based on inspiration from a knitting friend) is to develop a new pattern once a month.  It might be for an article of clothing or a new shoe style.  We need something new and fresh for our "kids," right?

Your ideas for items you'd like to see available are definitely welcome, so suggest away!

To all my Sasha family, Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukah, or whatever works for you and yours!

Sasha Hugs, Marti

Monday, December 4, 2017

Will you win the prize?!  I am coming up on my one year anniversary of Sasha's Vintage Boutique and the launch of this blog. To celebrate this event, I am going to have a drawing of one name from those who follow my blog to win one pair of shoes or boots.  (your choice of style and color).  Only people who are in the "following" list will be entered....there's still time to click that follow button!

Some of you have used nicknames on your picture.  I know a lot of you, but not all.  Therefore, please check back here on December 15th to see who the winner is!

Who will it be and what will they choose?!  Come back on December 15th to find out!  And click the 'follow' button soon to be entered in the drawing.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NEWEST shoe style! the Euro shoe!

A new shoe style!  I had one single pair of Jean Jensen's fabulous euro shoes and wanted more.  The only way to acquire them was to make my own!   I sure do wish Jean was here to answer questions on how to make them.  They are diabolical little things and Jean had the best shortcuts!

I am taking orders for these shoes, which go nicely with both boys and girls outfits.  The cost is $30 per pair plus postage.  You can contact me via the email at the upper right corner of the page or on Facebook.

As usual, my photography skills are below par, but hopefully you get the idea!  Guess I should quit making shoes and take some photo classes (but I'd rather make shoes!)

you can choose the outer shoe color and the lining/laces color

Navy shoe with lime green lining and laces

navy shoe with light blue lining and laces

navy shoe with bright red lining and laces

navy shoe with dark red lining and laces (I find red really difficult to get an accurate pic of!)

dark red shoe with tan lining and laces (shoe is slightly darker red than this shows)

tan shoe with beige lining and laces

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Funny Little Prints for Sasha, Gregor and the gang!!

My name is Marti and I am a fabric addict.....  

Anyone who sews can relate as we all have too much fabric!  Although I sew with vintage fabrics a lot, it doesn't stop me from shopping for new fabrics, too.  One type is can't resist is called "novelties" in the quilting community.  

Finding novelties for Sasha is a bit trickier than you might think.  There are 2 issues to think about: 
1. the design is the right size (often they are just a tad too big)
2. the design is close enough together (otherwise, you are going to have one car on the front of the shirt, lol!)

I took pictures of all my novelty prints I had at the time (2013) I have acquired (ahem) a 'few' more, since!

I am posting this so you can see what is available in case your kids NEED a new shirt, dress, etc. in a fun print!! 



#4 the dogs are a tiny bit bigger than I'd like but they are so cute!!
The bottom print is black with generic
Native American designs. 

#5  designs on the left are sewing motifs and a bit too big...not sure why I photographed it!  The design on the left is fine!

#6 the bear fabric is 100% cotton flannel

#7 the one on the right is dragonflies in case it isn't clear!

#8 ladybugs are a tiny bit bigger but will work ok



#11 bunnies on top, dogs on bottom.  These are pale colors and have a very "old fashioned" feel

#12  the map fabric on top is cotton flannel, The lower design is little card people from Alice in Wonderland!

#13 Christmas trees!


#15 Saguaro  and prickly pear cacti on the left

#16  halloween on right is a bit big...probably shouldn't have photographed it!

#17 The dogs on top are a different color way than the previous dog pictures but still have an old fashioned feel to it

#18  Dutch design on left, zebras on right!



#21 Christmas design

#22 frogs on left and Saguaro cacti on right (hey, I live in the world of Saguaro cacti....we can obtain this easily!)


#24 duck fabric is cotton flannel

#25 I have made several things out of the peace sign and it turns out great!

#26 kids and candy!

#27 fairy princesses and birds!

#28   Not sure why this got its own picture! lol!

#29 ladybugs and christmas trees

#30 leopard print cotton and shamrocks (leopard and leprauchans? lol!)


#32  luau fabric and kitties


#34 anchors on top and old fashioned boys and sailboats on bottom

#35 pigs and horses

#36 card people from Alice in wonderland in green background (the one before was white background)
and kitties on bottom


#38 little elves are a tiny bit bigger than I'd like but will work fine...and who could resist this fabric? not me!

#39 stylized airplanes and bees

#40 dragonflies on top and old fashioned feel bunnies on turtles


#42 the design on right is birds

#43 sheep on left

#44 skulls and chicks

#45 spiders on orange background


#47 toasters on left, believe it or not!! (yes, really, toasters!) birds on right like  in #42 but different colors




#51  this has a surprisingly old fashioned look to it....have to look twice to see it is birds!