Saturday, July 14, 2018

the design challenge....oops!

Yes, it has been awhile since I posted, and I have stayed incredibly busy!  Find out what has been going on, with some help from Punky Brewster....

Me: Punky, it is your turn to model this month! woo hoo!

Punky B: oh, boy, Mom, I have been anxious to have a turn ever since
Auntie Di challenged you to make up a new design  a month!

Punky: May I just say, "What the heck, Mom?"

Me: Sorry Punky, I've been designing the souvenir outfits for next year's festival,
but they are top secret!

PB: Totally not fair, this is just a shapeless paper bag....
Me:  here, I'll fix it up real nice for you, sweetie...

PB:  Very funny, Mom!

Well, at least Punky B has gotten to model the new outfits (2) and so she's seen the TOP SECRET outfits, which is making her feel a bit better.  I think I owe the poor kid an ice cream cone, though. It was a bit of a mean trick to play on her!

Once I get the souvenir outfits under control, I'll get back to designing and filling orders!