Saturday, July 20, 2019

And Now....for something completely New!

Hi, All,

I have decided to take a year off of taking orders for Sasha and her family's  clothes and shoes.

Why, you may wonder, and the reason is simply that I have a lot of ideas and techniques I want to try and never have time due to filling orders.  

I will still have items for sale from time to time and will use the format used by many makers of posting items for sale here on my blog on a first come/first served basis.

What about shoes?  I need a specific style/color!  From time to time I will post a notice that I am taking shoe orders and will then make them as requested.

It did take me awhile to come to this decision and as I said, I am trying it for a year, then reevaluating.  Time will tell if it works out.

Thanks to all my valued subscribers and customers, who have treated me so well for so long!