Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Little Fall Color!

Finding fall color when you live in the desert can be a challenge, but we managed to go up in the mountains for a bit of "leaf-peeping" and exercise.  Taking the kids along always makes it interesting!

Our Moms said we could go for a hike if we behaved ourselves.
Ollie was a bit of a challenge cuz he was interested in everything!
For Pete's sake, Ollie, if you fall in that stream....  how did you get out there?
"Ollie, come down!"  "Here, let me get you."
"See Tansy, a sparkle rock.  Mom says it's Mica, but my friend Micah
 isn't here, so I don't think it's his at all."
Mom said there's a mouse hiding in this pinecone
and I can see his hind legs and tail.
I'll just wait till he comes out.
See Mom, we're being good!
Ruthie makes a "leaf angel!"
"Ollie, lay down and we'll bury you in pretty leaves!"
"What, Mom?  No, we're not 'up to' anything....."
"Dogpile on Ollie!"
Outside of a little "derring-do" with crossing
the stream, we've been good today!
Just your average little angels.....