Monday, June 22, 2020


After a bit of fiddling around, I got a pattern made for TODDLER sized birkies!   Please note: these are for toddler sized Sasha dolls and do not fit baby sized Sasha dolls.  Their feet are not the same.    Each pair is $30 plus $4 postage in the US and typically $14.50 for most locations in Europe.  However, 4 pairs can be sent for the same price.  

To order, please email me at      I will answer emails in the order they come in.  Some people use FB messenger, which is fine, but I go there second, after filling all emailed orders.  I have more than one pair of many colors.

#1 yellow sold

#2 brown

#3 hot pink

#4 red smooth leather sold

#5 red suede

#6 aged black -very nice for old fashioned outfits 

#7 pale blue-slightly aquamarine 

#8 pale blue-slightly metallic -sold

#9 lime sold

#10 mustard yellow

#11 navy blue-sold

#12 bright pink-sold

#13 white

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Hi, all, 

I have made some birkies for the Sasha boys and girls.  I am offering them for sale for $30/pr plus $4 postage for up to 4 pr. in the US.  Postage to a lot of Europe is $14 but I can send 4 pr for that price.  

If you see something you'd like, just email me at  Don't use comments to buy because I may not see it and I will see emails first.  I do have 2-3 pr of some of these colors.   thanks, Marti

UPDATE:  These are all now sold.  I'll make some again soon and post here!!

#1 WHITE sold
#2 BLACK sold

#3 BROWN sold


#5 HOT PINK sold

#6 NAVY BLUE sold

#7 LIME GREEN sold

#8 PEACH sold

#10 PURPLE (has slight metallic sheen) sold

#11 RED sold

#12 PUMPKIN sold