Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Studio Doll Clothes and Shoes!

I love making studio doll clothes!  I have only created a few patterns:  the basic yoke dress and apron, overalls and shirt, and farm girl blouse and skirt, plus bloomers, panties, and chemise.  I also make studio doll ankle strap shoes and also boots.  

The clothes you see below are SOLD, I have just shown them to give you ideas of what you might have made. I only make studio doll clothes and shoes on commission, I don't make them to have on hand to sell as everyone seems very specific about what they want for their studio dolls!  You can always contact me to explore what you might like to have made.

People sometimes send me clothing, linens etc. that have sentimental meaning.  If YOU don't have anything like that, not to worry!  I have a H-U-G-E stash of vintage linens and baby clothes.  I can make something for you and, who knows, it may become a sentimental favorite of yours!

I was sent antique baby clothes to be made into an outfit.  They were very delicate but I am extremely happy with the final result.  (and so is the client!)  She had some very specific ideas of what she wanted made and that is fine with me. I do my best to get it right.  Some people send clothes and say, "Do what you think is best" and that is fine, too!

My first time making a chemise with tiny vintage rickrack trim.  Normally the chemise and drawers would be plain fabric, but I was using antique baby clothes for the fabric, so these are quite "fancy!"

I was sent a blouse and a table runner to be made into clothes.  The edging was so pretty
that I tried to use it as much as I could!

I was sent a pillowcase to be made into a dress.  I normally discourage pillowcases as they can be stiff since they are tightly woven fabric.  This one worked out because it was quite soft.  Typically a yoke dress such as this would be about $50 depending on what details you would like.

Examples of overalls and blouses.  The overalls are 100% cotton corduroy and the blouses are !00% cotton fabrics. Overalls and blouses are $50 usually.

The farm girl outfit on a doll.  Typically it can have a blouse (long or short sleeve), 2 skirts, petticoat, apron, bloomers and a shawl or neck scarf.  I make them to coordinate so they can be worn a variety of ways. Depending on the number of pieces, the average price is about $65.

Long sleeve version of blouse (made of vintage fabric and closed with mother of pearl buttons), flannel bloomers, wool shawl, neck or head scarf made of vintage fabric.

A charming scene!  I wish these girls were mine but at least I get to see my clothes "in action!" (or inaction....these girls like to hang out!)

Charming (and well-dressed!) youngsters!

This young lady arrived with all original clothes except her Sweatshirt had gone missing, so I made a replacement.  I used a 100% cotton sweatshirt for the fabric!

I wanted to try the "bretels" dress and played around with "not typically Sasha" fabric!  Sophy seems to like it anyway!

Who says the little girls can't wear black?  This little one came without clothes but she has
very dark eyes, so maybe she was dressed in black originally?  We'll never know! 

Matching outfits for big and little girls!

Another view of a farm girl outfit.  The owner added the sweater (I don't knit!).

My photos don't look as nice since they are "flat" on a surface!  See below...

Such a pretty girl in her classic corduroy dress!

Overalls close up in client's fabric overalls and 100% cotton gingham blouse and vintage rickrack trim.

Vintage fabric dress with vintage-looking (but actually new) apron.  100% cotton gingham bloomers

One of the styles of studio doll shoes I made. I also make ankle strap shoes.

When is a napkin more than a napkin?  When it is an apron!  The dress underneath is
solid white but has a woven-in design which is a bit more interesting.

Reproduction of a studio doll dress from a museum.  Dress has a french cotton lace bodice, a vintage ribbon sash, a french lace trimmed petticoat and also bloomers.  I made the shoes, also.

Simple corduroy dress elevated with a few rows of smocking.  I made the shoes, also.

Reproduction of a studio doll dress.  100% cotton fabrics.

Another example of a farm girl outfit

Basic yoke dress with a client-supplied table runner. I thought the curved ends of the table runner made an interesting apron!  

Tablecloth make-overs! So much more fun than laying them on a table!