Saturday, January 7, 2017

Something for the boys!

We all love the ruffles and lace for the girls, but the boys need some clothes, too!  Here's some examples of boy's clothes I have made in the past.  I don't often get to use vintage fabrics for the boys; mostly I use new or recycled fabrics.  These are examples of boy's styles!

Boys T-shirt and cargo shorts. I prefer this "no waistband or elastic" style because it is smoother fit
T-shirts are $10 and shorts are $15

Corduroy overalls and plaid shirt with white
hand stitched running stitch  $45
Another overall style with working pockets front and back,
plus a long sleeve T-shirt  $45 for set

Boy's summer pajamas with a piped band front and
short sleeves and short pants $25
I like this pant style with no waistband and a trim fit.
It looks great with sweaters because is doesn't have any
bulkiness at the waist.  Good style for girls, too! $15 pr 
Boys need undies, too!  This was made from recycled tie-dyed fabric
and is a nice T-shirt and underpants set $15

Basic T-shirt can be made with short or long sleeves $10 each

Long sleeve T-shirt $10

Caleb doesn't mean to look so "macho"
but he just wanted to show
the slim fit pants with suspenders
with "D" ring catches $15
Back view of suspenders

A shirt made from a vintage napkin!

I made these cuddly one piece pajamas for boys
and girls, but didn't photograph the boys! Flannel
with zip front and drop seat in back for those
cold nights and you have to go!
back view of pajamas!

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  1. another lovely range of clothing, nice to see the boys have not been left out :)