Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Shoe colors!

Where do I begin on the leather colors I have available for shoes?!  It is a vexing problem for me.  Why? because I am continually adding new colors and using up the last of another color!  It's "ever evolving" it seems.  Let's not even add into the discussion my mediocre photography skills which makes accurate color representation challenging!  

What's the solution?  You can describe what you want and I can take some pictures of possible matches, OR you can even send a fabric sample if you have your heart set on a near-perfect match.  

OR: be adventurous!!  Everyone orders "practical" shoe colors, which does make sense, but you'd be surprised how many outfits you have that would work with "wild" colors, too! Sometimes that unexpected pop of color really makes the outfit!

Here are some pictures for examples of colors!

The upper left is what I affectionately call "lizard green."  It is actually metallic!

The center in the top row is a slightly metallic pewter color....really versatile!

Yes, leopard print leather!!  

The top row farthest right is metallic, shiny silver!  The blue in the front is no longer available, unfortunately.

I like textured leather!  The top left is green "alligator", the red top right is "ostrich."  The red center left is a mottled dark pink/red suede and next to it is a grey "squares."  The orange in the bottom right is an "orange peel" texture with an overlay of silver....really unusual!


  1. Very lovely indeed, love your shoes.

  2. Adorable shoes...where are they sold?

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