Friday, August 4, 2017


As you know if you have watched my blog, I rarely have items for sale but today I DO!  Have a look at the items below and contact me if any interest you!  I prefer paypal for payments and postage will be added to the total.  Enjoy, and if you have questions, please feel free to ask.  

Sweet little baby or toddler dress made from a vintage tea towel!!  includes underpants.  $25

back view!

See, it fits the toddlers too!

shoes for the toddler (can be worn by babies but I think they look too big) $25

side view of toddle t-strap shoes.  I call this leather "orange frost."  

Traditional ankle strap shoes in a beautiful, rich rust suede.  $25

The perfect after-bath wrap for your toddlers!  100% cotton terry cloth with a shawl collar, pocket and tie.
 Includes the terry cloth scuffs.  $25

Turquoise suede "thong" sandals.  They have a back strap so they will stay on no matter how much running
around Sasha does!! All leather $15


  1. I'm interested in the little tea towel dress Marti for baby...I'm not sure how you sell them here..

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! Some of these were "in the works" when I got sick, so they weren't finished in time to go to the festival! But now I am all better and back at the sewing machine...I missed it!

  3. nice fabrics! I have a few of those same prints!! I especially love #13 the Christmas plaid.