Sunday, April 29, 2018

April's Challenge!

Here we are in very late April (next to the last day? yes, I'd call that late!) and I finally have my challenge garment done!  My friend Diane challenged me to make something new every month for a year and so far, I am hanging in, but just barely.  

I had seen a child's dress with a fox face design on it. I could picture Sasha in that, so I gave it a try. 

original child dress

I wanted to make it a "culotte" (those of us who wore those in the '60's will know what that is!) but alas, I misjudged and poor Sasha was getting a serious "wedgie."  So, off with the bottom part and it was turned into a dress.  Since I had used a scrap of fabric for this sample, I was running out of fabric, necessitating a contrasting band.  (which I actually think is an improvement.) So, right about now, I was asking myself, "Having fun yet?!"  There are definitely days....

the final product


  1. Very cute! The design reminds me of a Charley Harper graphic. I love the color, and yes, I think the contrasting band is a nice addition. She's looking very "foxy"!

  2. lol, thanks! I am getting half 'fox' and half 'owl' on that face, but cute either way. Tell Blake and Benjamin Roy that I used the "magic reverse spell" wand many times on this. There was a point or two where I was indeed "stupefied!"

  3. A beautiful fox dress in spite of your challenges. You did it! I love the culotte idea Marti, maybe try again? 😊 xxx

  4. What a clever idea and you achieved it perfectly. Well done. Aw I remember the culottes, loved them :) was a good idea.. maybe that can be the challenge for May?