Monday, August 6, 2018

August challenge.....

Hi, all,

Things may be going from bad to worse as I continue to work on Festival 2019 stuff, but don't tell Punky B.  She got a raw deal modeling last month.  Now, this month....well, you'll have to have a look!
So, then, Sophie, you won't believe it....she dressed me in a PAPER BAG.....
Sophie:  no, kidding, a paper bag?  That's kinda mean!

Me:  Oh, Punky!

Punky B:  What do you need, Mom?
Me: Do you want to model my August challenge items?
Punky B: for real, this time?  You promise no more paper bag dress?
Me: Definitely NOT a paper bag dress this time!
PB:  OMG, I have been fooled again!!  Moooooommmm.....
Me:  sorry, sweetie, I am designing shoes for the festival, too, and of course they're top secret, too!  BUT,  I do have a little surprise for you....a good one, this time!
PB:  excuse me if I am a little bit skeptical, Mom....

PB:  Woohoo!!  It may not be a new style, but it is a new dress nobody else has worn!!
Me:  yes, I made that for your sister to wear at the festival, but she was always modeling for the CFA and never got to wear it.  So, you are the first to wear it and you can keep it as long as you want.  I won't even sell it off your back this time!

PB:  See what a great model I would make, Mom...this is my "looking into the future" pose....


  1. Good grief, its only the 7th of August, getting ahead of yourself aren't you? Very pretty dresses, but you're still cheating you know ;-)

    1. I am still behind since this is technically for July! I have been goofing off too much and have a
      Lot to do!

  2. Really pretty.
    Anxious for next year's Festival--I should be able to attend!

  3. Lovely dress Punky B, you look very pretty in it and I am sure you will make a great model.

    1. So far my
      Modeling seems to be limited to brown paper Auntie L.....sigh....

  4. Beautiful dress, but I'm afraid Punky is wise to you now mom. If you want a model for September's paper bag hat, you'll have to get a different girl ;-)

  5. yes, I think Punky has been too kind to me, but that's over! I hear her telling everyone else, too!

  6. Punky was such a good sport to wear that paper bag , so it's nice that she gets a new dress to wear first!
    These things are important to a Sasha, being first in the clothes queue. ;)

    1. Even more important around here is not having the dress sold right off your back! Lol! Happens all the time!